Unsigned Artists Share Music, Receive Feedback & Build Fan Base on Latino-Led Platform

Interview with DreamTuner

Quick Pitch…
Dream Tuner is a music platform that combines data analytics and music discovery in order to empower unsigned musicians.

The Business
Dream Tuner is a technological platform meant to help independent and unsigned musicians achieve their dreams. A main issue for musicians is getting their music heard by the right people, obtaining instant feedback and at the same time having specific analytic data to help them achieve their dreams/goals. Dream Tuner is combining an online radio with detailed metrics so that musicians will be able to not only get their music out to the public and receive instant feedback, but also have substantial data that can be used for planning tours and marketing campaigns, identifying new fans and acquiring leverage when dealing with key industry players.

The “A-ha” Moment
It started while I was doing my MBA in the University of Texas at Austin. I was visiting my family in Miami and was giving my youngest brother a ride to the University of Miami radio station where he was dropping his band’s demo hoping that the DJ would like it and maybe play it sometime. That is when it came to me, why are there so many tools for musicians and yet they are still getting their music out there the same way for the past 40 years. I got back to Texas with the idea of empowering musicians with all the information that can help them. I talked to my other brother and a couple of friends and we started devising what would become Dream Tuner.

How does it make money?
Dream Tuner will (after beta) have three revenue streams. Advertisement,corporate accounts and membership accounts charged to musicians for detailed metrics.

Businesses it could disrupt…
It will have an impact on the music industry and all that derive from it. From record label companies to the corner bar where musicians hope to play on a week night.

Market Size
The idea of Dream Tuner is that unsigned musicians will learn to use this tool in their favor when negotiating, be it a small bar, an indie festival, a new record label or going up to a local radio station to get their art out there. Also, there are many early adopters searching for new music,we want to bring them to our platform to discover new music and promote it.

Likely competitors
Currently there are huge competitors such as Spotify and Soundcloud where artists can upload their music and hope to get discovered. However, when you are a small pop band and U2 is in the same genre as you, it is pretty hard for you to get discovered. We want to clear the noise and let the unsigned bands showcase their art on a leveled playing field.

Partnerships or Collaborations
We have as an advisor Dae Bogan, have collaborated with InfinixSoft, and have been part of the Made in the LAB Miami program.

Management Team
Alejandro Carrasco – Cofounder and CEO; Gabriel Carrasco Co-Founder

Contact Information
info@dreamtuner.com; alejandro@dreamtuner.com

Who are your role models?
Our role model was our grandfather, a person who had to support all his family as a teenager and who taught us that honesty, loyalty, perseverance and family are the most important things in life.

What’s the best thing about being an entrepreneur?
The best part about being an entrepreneur is not knowing what the next day, month, year will be like. Every day is an adventure, which can be overwhelming but at the same time makes life a whole lot more interesting.

What’s the best advice anyone has ever given you?
Don’t be like someone else, inspire others with your actions so that someday they will want to be like you.

What advice would you give to others?
Don’t be a lion, a fox or a shark. Be the salmon swimming against the current.

 Click here to watch Dream Tuner’s official video.

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