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Making Payments Possible for Small Businesses in Developing Countries

QUICK PITCH:  saySquare is redesigning payments in Latin America.  Its trusted platform allows small businesses to accept payments using SMS like a mobile POS.  With their solution, users and merchants won’t need specialized hardware or smartphones to receive payments. THE BUSINESS: Small businesses in developing countries have many obstacles that don’t allow them to grow economically or […]

Augmented Reality Sees its Way Through a Contact Lens

QUICK PITCH: LENS is redefining reality through the first augmented system built into a contact lens called IRIS. THE BUSINESS: IRIS will use photographic image generation to project virtual objects onto the physical world around them. By using a cubical environmental grid emitted from a beam projector attached to the user, IRIS will be aware […]

Sacramento Team Helps Latinas Manage Their Memorable Birthday

QUICK PITCH:  MakeMyQuince is the first to bring online event planning and crowdfunding to Quinceaneras. THE BUSINESS: Users will be able to sign in to Make My Quince website/app using their instagram account where they can brainstorm ideas for their quinceanera by creating “dreamboards” from the most popular quinceranera hashtags. Once they are ready to […]

Companies and Nonprofits Connect, Share Smiles thanks to Bay Area Startup

Quick Pitch SmileyGo is about making mutually beneficial connections between nonprofits and companies, and helping to create lasting relationships between them. The Business SmileyGo is revamping the concept of sharing through entrepreneurship. We motivate corporations to invest more of their CSR (corporate social responsibility) via smarter ways to create a win-win situation between them and […]

Unsigned Artists Share Music, Receive Feedback & Build Fan Base on Latino-Led Platform

Interview with DreamTuner Quick Pitch… Dream Tuner is a music platform that combines data analytics and music discovery in order to empower unsigned musicians. The Business Dream Tuner is a technological platform meant to help independent and unsigned musicians achieve their dreams. A main issue for musicians is getting their music heard by the right […]

Future Airline Stockholder Began Career at Manos

Interview with Manos intern, Adriana Torres. Where are you from? I was born and raised in Hollister, Ca. What do you aspire to accomplish in the future? I’ve always had an interest in airplanes and airports. My ultimate dream goal is to be a stockholder of an airline. If that does not work out I […]

Manos Intern Ready for the Real World

Interview with Manos intern, Sofia Wang. Where are you from? Caracas, Venezuela What do you aspire to accomplish in the future? Short term: get a Masters degree in Applied Mathematics or Data Science. Long term: I’d like to start my own company. How did you hear about Manos Accelerator? A friend mentioned to me about […]