Jeremy Haynes, entrepreneur extraordinaire, digital marketing guru, and influencer is the founder and CEO of Megalodon Marketing. He’s also coached and mentored digital agency owners through his training program the DMM – Digital Marketing Manuscript that he launched after training in Tai Lopez programs; i.e. The SMMA program, The Entrepreneur Start Kit, and How To Be A Traveling CEO along with co-authoring in his new book.

He has customers and clients across the globe and regularly acts as a marketing/advertising adviser to celebrity personalities, NY Times Best-Selling Authors, Speakers, Businesses, Ecommerce Companies, and entrepreneurs with the help of the 25+ person team of Megalodon Marketing.



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Juan: 00:47 I am with Mr Jeremy Haynes. And Jeremy what do you do?

Jeremy: 00:51 So I’m a digital agency owner. I’m a mentor. I’m also somebody who just absolutely loves digital marketing. So I guess you’d call me a marketer.

Juan: 00:59 Jeremy. There is. There’s a very interesting aspect to your story, you quit your job, you were not making a lot of money and then you built yourself up to a self made entrepreneur. That’s just crushing it right now. Tell us, tell us about that.

Jeremy: 01:11 As I transitioned from working a job where I was with this guy named Grant Cardone, I started just you know I was an email marketing manager. I was a temp after 13 months of working with them. I had topped over one point $8,000,000 a month with the help of him and his team on the back end per month in average sales. And then what I found is that originally I wasn’t making that much money, I’d actually been reduced in my pay essentially on a month to month basis from having somebody expense things like jet fuel and just you know, common costs of somebody living exuberantly luxury lifestyle while I was getting paid about 10 K.

Jeremy: 01:40 So I became aware of the work that I was putting in and I became aware of not necessarily being taken advantage of because I got an exuberant amount of value out of that environment. However, I wanted more and I knew that I wanted more and I knew that more came with entrepreneurship and empowering myself. So I chose to just take the jump. Most people are too soft to take and I made it happen. I put everything into my business over the last two and a half years now, almost three years I’ve been working with some of the world’s largest top personality brands, taught three Tai Lopez programs. I just do absolutely whatever it takes in order to help other people, help myself position myself for prosperity and now I’m telling, I’m on a mission.

Juan: 02:13 One of the biggest things that you’re known for is your abundance mindset and the ability to keep learning and keep giving and keep learning, keep giving those entrepreneurs that are going through a slump, they’re hitting some dark times. How do you get over that?

Jeremy: 02:24 Yeah, so most people, they have no actual grit when it comes to doing things that they want to do. They have no willingness to do what they want to do and they don’t actually want to do it, and I would tell those people when they hit that, when they hit that wall square on, of I want, I think I want to do something and then it comes time to do it and they don’t. They simply don’t want to do it, and you have to remind yourself, either up the drive that made you want to do it or some people, they hit a wall where their goals need to shift. They have to be dynamic. So for example, let’s say somebody broke, they get rich.

Jeremy: 02:54 The rich person no longer gets richer. They start getting a little broke. Well, what? What? Why does that happen? What all of a sudden occurs? The person’s goals in that dynamic shift that should have occurred once they got rich to get richer, never occurred. They still had the drive that took them from broke to rich and well, there’s no, there’s no more of that drive because there’s no more being broke. So some of us need to look at our goals. We need to audit ourselves and we need to say, what is it that I need to switch up consistently in order to flow like water through life, consistently hit goals, achieve them, and then immediately look at what I need to do next and, and actually pushed to do it. Most people literally have no willingness just to get shit done when they need to do it.

Jeremy: 03:30 It’s a flat out reminder to self. We just had somebody here at the Internet Earners Summit speak. Brandon Carter, he said he keeps a file on his phone of photos of people who hate him, who drop hateful comments on social media. Just to remind him during those times he at a low point that to create that drive of, I need to prove all these people wrong because that’s what drives him. Most people, they need to find what’s in themselves that reminds them of what they want to do. I remind myself of the prosperity I want to provide for others of the of the employees and the staff that I have of the future that I want and more importantly what I want to provide myself because selfish intention for me drives a lot of what I do at the underlying of all my altruistic actions.

Juan: 04:05 So it sounds like there’s two things that we’re loosing sight of, where you forgot to define the source and we’re forgetting to define and redefine the vision, the longterm vision when either of those two get blurry, that’s when you lose momentum.

Jeremy: 04:15 One hundred percent, most of us aren’t auditing ourselves on a day to day basis. My old boss made it a habit in me to literally on a twice a day basis, morning, afternoon, and sometimes in the evening. Now I prefer morning and afternoon because I’m in the middle of the grit. I literally look at my goals or remind myself. So not at the end of the day after I’m already beat up, but in the middle of the day, I want to remind myself, I want to remind myself, and it’s, it’s a constant process. There’s seven days out of the week, maybe five, five days out of those seven when you just start wanting to work out, you’re not gonna want to do shit. You got to have a reminder. You got to have something that, that is real for you, that it’s not, it’s not a car background, uh, for wallpaper. It’s not a postcard on the fucking wall that you call a vision board. It’s a real plan of action that you believe in and something that creates an emotion that provokes you to go take the actions that are necessary at the bottom.

Juan: 04:55 What does that look like? Do you have a framework for how we can start defining both the source and the destination that we’re going to?

Jeremy: 05:00 Yeah, absolutely. So let’s say that somebody has a goal and they still haven’t defined what drives them to want to achieve that goal, people need to immediately look inside of themselves for that specific sources. It’s a relative question. Some people will have a very clear idea of why they’re wanting to achieve a particular objective. Most will fall short and will become hazy in the self assessment of what and why they want to do what they do. This is, it sounds a little weird. I imagine because I read a lot of books from a guy named Richard Bandler who talks about directly to psychotherapists and like teaching them information. So what I found recently is that people should have extremely educated and sophisticated people that read a lot of books directed towards therapists or that understand a lot of psychology and neuro neuroscience to come into these people’s lives and say, listen, if you don’t understand your goal, if you have no clue what the fuck you want, I’ve, I’ve read a few books, you know, so if you’re still at the bottom, some dude around you is read a few books on psychology. You know, somebody that’s a little more sophisticated you that might be able to give you that outside perspective. If you are already in an established position. Go find somebody who is ideally ahead of you and say to them, listen, I don’t know what I’m doing right now and why I’m doing it. I have, I have this random thing that I think I want to do. But like, I dunno, I can’t put my drive. You got to have people that you can, you can have an outside observation on self if self can observe self. So so try to observe, self first and then go outside of yourself. But only with trusted counsel. Not just with anybody, that’s why I specified people who are drastically ahead of you or people who you know and trust as a quote unquote like psychotherapist, educated individual.

Juan: 06:30 Right, this is where, jealousy, call it jealousy, call it, admiration can really kick in. If you’re constantly looking at people, they they look to be doing better than you on the track that you hope to get those same results that they’re getting. That is a good like what you’re actually looking for. It’s like a cheat codes in life. Yeah.

Most people, they need to find what's in themselves that reminds them of what they want to do. I remind myself of the prosperity I want to provide for others of the of the employees and the staff that I have of the future that I want and more importantly what I want to provide myself because selfish intention for me drives a lot of what I do at the underlying of all my altruistic actions.

Jeremy HaynesFounder and CEO of Megalodon Marketing

Jeremy: 06:46 I played a lot of Grand Theft Auto growing up, so when whenever I wanted to get new health, new armor, some guns or something or buy car to fly, I would just type in my cheat codes, but I still had to go online to be able to print those cheat codes off and I started to own a printer to be able to get to the cheat codes, so some of us we can for example, here to hire a mentor, but we’re still in that position where they are financially educated or financially qualified to be able to go hire somebody. That doesn’t mean that you should put that outside of yourself to the person who’s listening to this. You need to understand that you can still go talk to people who are in the successful position that you want to be in and it does not necessarily always take money to get there. Money, will get you there faster and more in their interest in some cases, but be vulnerable. Be willing to tell people your story and where you’re at. People are willing to help. Most of the time people who are mentors are not there to just selfishly get money off of people. They’re there to help people and they’re there to provide massive value to people that they’re usually there. For example, from my reason, I went through a lot of pain in my life growing up, so I see pain everywhere all the time and it’s simply a lack of information. In most cases. It’s confusion. It’s things that we don’t know and it’s so easy to provide information to others, but we usually don’t provide information to ourselves and we don’t allow that. That outside counsel to come in as the quote unquote Grand Theft Auto cheat codes in our lives.

Juan: 07:54 Right. Totally. So seek out that that clarity within yourself. If you can’t then through outside council, if you can’t through a course. If you can’t throw a book, if you can’t, but if you’re missing that momentum, then you’re not defining your source of energy. You’re not defining your destination, and that’s what’s losing momentum. That’s what’s burning out a lot of entrepreneurs right now.

Jeremy: 08:12 Oh yeah.

Juan: 08:13 They start with something in mind, meaning less like, I want to make $10,000, $20,000, or I want to get into this accelerator. I want XYZ. The moment you get it, you completely lose sight of like what, where it is that you’re going, because he never clearly defined more compelling mission that outside of just that

Jeremy: 08:29 In some people’s heads, they’re just hard as a rock and they they. If they get through those six, seven steps that we just mentioned and they still can’t find clarity, that person needs to hit that rock bottom wall because they need to go inside of themselves and they need to learn those lessons the hard way and they need to be able to evolve in an unfortunate circumstance of, of learning the hard way rather than them be able to use the cheat codes.

Juan: 08:49 There you have it, hitting rock bottom, sometimes the best thing that could happen to you.

Jeremy: 08:52 Sometimes it’s necessary.

Juan: 08:53 Okay, Manos Nation! Do not forget your chance to win digital goods and resources on every episode right here on the podcast. It’s very simple. You just subscribe to the show on iTunes. Once you’ve done that, message the word “Manos” to Subscribe on iTunes and then message Manos to the website, See you on the next one.

Juan: 09:25 Jeremy. As you continue to grow and scale your agency forward, where’s the best place for people to stay in touch with you and learn more about what you’re doing?

Jeremy: 09:35 You know, I claim pride in this one I’m the real Jeremy. I’m on instagram @Jeremy. You can find me on Facebook. Google me Jeremy Haynes. I got I got all kinds of stuff.

Juan: 09:39 Perfect. Thanks so much for coming on the show.

Jeremy: 09:41 Thank you. I appreciate it.

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Juan Felipe Campos serves as Partner and VP of Technology at Manos Accelerator in partnership with Google Launchpad. He has graduated his company NomadApp from the largest accelerator in the world, Plug and Play, and the Go Silicon Valley program. Juan helps run the largest digital marketing community in Silicon Valley with over 18,000 members. He serves on the board of directors of green construction tech company Greenovate Construction and Argentina’s Examining Board of Tech Accelerators (+$34MM fund). His companies have been featured in major publications including Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Inc. Magazine, and Forbes.