Goldie is a Stanford University alumni who ran digital strategy at Legendary Entertainment (Nerdist, Geek & Sundry, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls) and ex-Board of Directors at Producer’s Guild of America (NW).

She currently produces top-performing #LinkedInVideos (longest-running original video channel) and serves on the PGA’s New Media Council while ghost-writing for Fortune 500 C-level Executives. Her work has been featured on Inc. Magazine, Tubefilter, Huffpost, Fast Company, Buzzfeed and more!



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Hello and welcome to another episode of the Manos accelerator podcast. This is the stacking growth special today. I am here with Goldie Chan and Goldie. What do you do?

Goldie: 00:58 I dominate linkedin.

Juan: 01:02 Perfect. Awesome. Can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you got here?

Goldie: 01:04 Sure. So what’s so funny is I actually studied biology at Stanford. Um, ran a fashion brand for a couple years, had my first big nervous breakdown. Let’s just throw it out there and then got started in marketing. And you know, I just started doing it and then I started doing social media because it just felt like the most exciting part of marketing and most recently I have been doing just a ton of linkedin videos and really helping other people optimize their linkedin. I’ve actually done linkedin for fortune 500 CEOs.

Juan: 01:41 Can you tell us some like bullet points, success metrics like impressions or view, something like that. So we can anchor it to the results you get.

Goldie: 01:48 So one of, one of the most interesting things is I think after one I did it for the c level executive and hers went from just like within two days, 300 percent increase in reach and impressions. And she had never posted before and so, let’s be honest, she posted once before and she had gotten 10 licenses is a very powerful woman in her particular industry and then I posted something for her. And um, what was so funny was, you know, from 10 likes we got a hundred and 50, which, you know, for a lot of people that they’re like, well hundred 50. That’s like, great. That’s great. When you went from 10 and you shoot up to 150 and you’re not actually growth hacking your that you literally just, I just optimize your profile and I just, you know, I just accepted literally 10 more connections so I didn’t accept like 2000 more than you only got 100. Right, right, right. So it was, it was just, it’s so interesting to me how some of this common sense stuff makes such a difference as opposed to, you know, like there are so many amazing growth hacks that we’ve all heard and I think there’s a little bit of common sense growth hack that we could use

Juan: 03:06 Goldie. So our listeners are either in the US or in Latin America and they’re thinking, how do I take my startup to the next level and we’re having this conversation because you dominate linkedin or the queen of Linkedin. What is one piece of tactical advice that you can share with entrepreneurs to take your startup to the next level? Leveraging Linkedin?

Goldie: 03:24 I think one of the things that’s most important to look at on linkedin and besides having a really great clear photo that’s not a really great clear photo that’s not, um, too closely cropped your face so you don’t look like a serial killer. Um, one of the most important things. Your headline, that’s the little title that goes underneath your picture. Now most people think this is literally my title, so I’m just engineer. Right, right, right. It’s so important to think about real estate as Comobo by Google. You should be SEO friendly. It should actually really describe what you do. Do you help engineers find dentists? Is that your startup? Great to make that, make that your title right? Because people will look up, I don’t know why, but they would look up engineering dentists and they would get that. Now, an interesting hack if you’re bilingual to think about, is to actually put an. I’m not even going to attempt to say this in Spanish, but you can put like I help engineers find dentist and then I help engineers find dentists, but in a different language both in your headline and of course

Juan: 04:24 together, or would you use the linkedin feature that lets you have one profile in English, one profile in Spanish.

Goldie: 04:30 So what I would actually consider is I would. It depends how long this headline is, right? If it’s more than four words than I would not do that because that completely colors your headline. So you can say in two to three pushing forwards what you do. Totally. Just put a comma in between it and then put it in another language. Now I super advise everybody. Of course one’s going to have you speak a different language. You should definitely put your linkedin profile in English and which usually just do your linkedin profile in English, but if you also speak another language Spanish, then you should also make a separate profile. Linkedin lets you do that, which is, and you have to manually translate it yourself, so you should really speak that second language because linkedin will not translate it for you. And the last thing you want is a poorly translated, um, linkedin profile.

Juan: 05:24 OK? So Gosh, it opens so many questions. If I’m the CEO of like let’s say a tech startup, how do I leverage Linkedin to actually drive? Help me drive like downloads or if I have, we’re not even tech startup, but like a project in the coffee, one of the sponsors for the event today, they have a coffee subscription service. How do I leverage Linkedin to actually help me sell more product, more inventory? Or is it even a tool to help you do that?

Goldie: 05:51 Yes, So what I specialize in is organic. So everything I tell you is organic. It’s free. Who Doesn’t love that? Um, so one of the things to look at is, so right underneath our headline is our summary Section. That’s usually where people write five impossibly, six, possibly long paragraphs about absolutely nothing. We want to cut that out. What we want is a really easy way for people to find where you are, so make sure in that summary section that at the very least you put your website write even better is a link to buy, so give them a call to action right, a link to buy, a link to find more. I mean, I’m hoping if you’re selling a tangible product you’re doing the link buy please, please, please do that. If you don’t have anything yet and you want them to of course, sign up for a mailing list.

Goldie: 06:40 That should be a link like join our mailing list. That should be your call to action, but you should be including some sort of call to action in your summary Section. People miss this a lot. People also say, why is no one ever contacted me? And I’m just like, well, first of all, you don’t give them a call to action so you don’t know what to do, but also you haven’t say even put your email and so for an individual sometimes it’s nice just to include an email. If you don’t mind getting the spam messages as well because you will be spam. I don’t mind, so I include my personal email, uh, but I also have call to actions so you can book a consultation with me directly from my linkedin profile. How cool is that? Linkedin? Yeah, and I set that up with calendly.

Goldie: 07:22 Once again, like a great service that you should look at

Juan: 07:31 Calendly, by the way is a scheduling tool that someone click on the link, like Goldie’s link. And i can see her availability for meetings and she can, inside Calendly, say i’m only available let’s say Tuesdays from two to four for a meeting. so I can go into calendly and book a meeting with her, without doing the back and forth dance via email to figure out a time that works best for us. So what Goldie suggesting is put that link inside your LinkedIn profile. So that when people go to your page, after seeing organic content, there’s actually something they can do like book a meeting. And then, you should be able to do from meeting to close business.

Goldie: 08:08 Absolutely. And since I’m a consultant, what I also have with mine is my time is of course important. So if you want a book more than 15 minutes with me, you have to pay to play.

Goldie: 08:17 We had to pay to talk to me. And so I actually integrate my calendly with um, I’m totally terrible. I forget, but it’s the one that Calendly uses stripe. Umm. And calendly integrates with stripe. So before you can even book a one hour meeting with me, you have to pay me

Juan: 08:35 So the 15 minutes slot. That one’s free, but the moment that I tried to book a 60 minute one, then I have to pay.

Goldie: 08:41 Yes. So it’s, it’s an interesting hacked use to also make sure that people are not wasting your time. Right. I always like just, you know, I’ll speak to somebody for an hour for free. Of course, if they’re interesting, who wouldn’t? But I like people to know that my time is valuable. So I use that hack specifically in calendly to let people know by saying, Hey, I only do 15 minute calls period, no matter who you are, but don’t care.

Goldie: 09:03 We were only going to do 15 minutes and those 15 are almost always 30 minutes. They’re almost always a little bit longer, but if I personally, was wasting my time or they’re trying to sell me something that I don’t want, right, because who doesn’t like being sold something they do want, but you know, I can always just say, hey, I have another call coming, which is actually mostly true. And then kind of cut it off and make sure. But one thing I wanted to jump back on is we were just talking about the summary Section on linkedin. So I will, I will drop another knowledge bomb on you, which is at the bottom of the summary section. So just when you’re editing your summary, you can actually upload videos so you can drop in a link for a youtube video or a linkedin video if you have that native function.

Goldie: 09:48 Um, and then you can do a video that shows say, say your. Say your product is an amazing coffee brewer. You can drop a video link so people can actually watch that at the bottom of your summary Section, which is pretty cool. And on top of that, you could include regular links and then it’ll pull a snippet, like a visual snippet from it. So say it’s your literally, you’re looking for investors obviously without numbers in it, but maybe it’s your pitch deck or like a very rough one. You can put that on the bottom of your summary Section, uploaded as a pdf. There’s like 12 different formats that linkedin will let you upload natively. I’m in to that and I believe pdf is one of them. And you can also say, say you’re getting great press for your product, uploaded another link. That’s the great press. So suddenly this becomes your portfolio for your brand, but it’s on your personal portfolio at the very bottom. I think that that’s really unused real estate that people forget or they upload one link, Barbara Go, and then they never update that. People Click on those things.

Juan: 10:53 OK? So, so, so our listeners are thinking, OK, five minutes ago I had a terrible profile that was basically just a, my cv, my resume on some weird website right now. I changed it from being a CV to having three calls to action. I have a currently set up with stripe. I have a my portfolio on there. Any kind of press mention I’ve gotten before, I’ve uploaded amazing videos that make us look great. I have those. They’re all the call to action now. I’m treating it more like a landing page than just a resume. How do I actually start driving traffic to the page so that people are seeing it and then converting at one and then two. What percentage of views to conversions should I expect?

Goldie: 11:32 So views to conversion is really tough, so I’ll start with that and just say that it’s really hard to give a metric for views to conversion because you’re. You are depending on many steps, right? You’re depending on somebody’s looking at your profile. You’re depending on somebody clicking expand more on a summary section. You’re depending on somebody then clicking on that link to the calendly link. Then you’re depending on somebody actually booking that calendly. So there’s several steps in that funnel where you might lose someone. So it’s not. It’s not directly, like I click on the profile, I buy your product, right? So there’s several steps where people can get lost in the flow, but what you want is to get them in the flow. That’s what I’m trying to say. So I wish I could give you metrics, but I, I can’t. Um, but what I can do is just tell you one of what was the other question that you had that wasn’t about the actually start driving traffic.

Goldie: 12:23 So how you start driving traffic to the profile is once you optimize your profile, I like to, I like to have a call to action before I start. I’ve optimized my profile, I have a call to action now, what I can get into is content. So content is the easiest way to drive traffic on Linkedin to your profile because people will click on your profile. If you write something really interesting. Now of course you can always do and you should always be doing some sort of CTA in your content as well. One of the things I want to warn against is say you’re writing a status message or I’m pretty much the status message, or you’re doing a video and you have some text above the video you never, ever, ever, ever, ever right now with the way linkedin is want to put a link in your status message that takes you anywhere off linkedin because that will in the feed you die. I’ve seen people who normally get 10,000 views get tanked

Content is the easiest way to drive traffic on Linkedin to your profile because people will click on your profile if you write something really interesting.

Goldie ChanLinkedIn Top Creator and Influencer

Juan: 13:24 So what Goldie’s talking about what happens on a lot of social media platforms where they’re very jealous for the traffic. Of course they don’t want to imagine if they gave a high relevance to posts that just kept blinking out of the website. That’s not good for them. So they’re very jealous to keep people on the website. And what that means for you as a content creator is creating content that’s native to the platform and where people go wrong is they write an amazing blog on their own website or they create a beautiful video on youtube and then they just tried to link it on Linkedin in the post. And so what you’re saying is by creating native content directly on the platform, instead of just constantly linking out, you’re going to be able to get now, yeah, maybe it’s not traffic to your website, but what it is is traffic to your profile. And now by actually optimizing your profile, that actually means something.

Goldie: 14:07 And one of the things that you can do that doesn’t identify great your traffic is you can say, of course the thing that we all love to say, which is link in the first comment below. We, I feel like I write this and every single one of my posts and I, I do write this in a lot of my posts on linkedin because I, you know, I’ve been speaking events, so I want people to know how they can say purchasing event or RSVP. So what I will always do is I will actually, I won’t link to the event directly. I will do a really beautiful screenshot, very carefully picked for an image. And then I will say link in the first comment below and I will just link it in the first comment below. Done right? If people want to buy tickets, they will go to that first link, at least on linkedin.

Goldie: 14:52 People actually will, maybe not on other platforms now, but on Linkedin, they’ll still actually take your advice.

Juan: 14:59 Okay, Manos Nation! Do not forget your chance to win digital goods and resources on every episode right here on the podcast. It’s very simple. You just subscribed to the show on itunes in. Once you’ve done that, message the word “Manos” to Subscribe on itunes and then message Manos to the website, See you on the next one.

Juan: 15:27 All the working with fortune 500 CEOs, entrepreneurs all over the spectrum, helping people make business on Linkedin, the queen of Linkedin. You heard it here. First. Thank you so much for being here with us and sharing these knowledge bombs.

Goldie: 15:43 Of course, it’s so fun to be here

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Key Points:

  • Headline, the little tittle that goes underneath the photo, is the one of the most important thing on LinkedIn. It should be SEO friendly and actually really describe what you do.
  • What we really want from Summary Section is a really easy way for people to find where you are. So, make sure at very least put your website or even better, something give people call to action such as “link to buy” or “link to find more”.


Calendly:  A tool that you allow others to book a meeting with you

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