Manos Founders never keep knowledge to themselves because they push their community forward... Not a greedy few.

Manos Founder Manifesto

Manos Founder



A Manos Founder is a new breed of entrepreneur.

More passionate, connected, abundant, and energized


Manos Founders fight against


and win.


Manos Founders start without prefabricated success

Without being darlings of an existing system

Without unlimited resources

We build practical businesses that scale.


Manos Founders never keep knowledge to themselves because

They push their community forward

Not a greedy few.


Manos Founders never stop dreaming big

And are never intimidated by



A Manos Founder creates value and puts

Legacy over short term success.


If you ask traditional organizations, they’ll

Tell you what Manos Founders are doing is crazy…

Yet we’re building the future every single day


Manos Founders

Define their own destiny.

Create their own luck.

Build their own empires.

Change the world.


Manos Founders are motivated knowing that they are

Just one victory away.



Juan F. Campos

Juan F. Campos

Juan Felipe Campos serves as Partner and VP of Technology at Manos Accelerator in partnership with Google Launchpad. He has graduated his company NomadApp from the largest accelerator in the world, Plug and Play, and the Go Silicon Valley program. Juan helps run the largest digital marketing community in Silicon Valley with over 18,000 members. He serves on the board of directors of green construction tech company Greenovate Construction and Argentina’s Examining Board of Tech Accelerators (+$34MM fund). His companies have been featured in major publications including Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Inc. Magazine, and Forbes.