QUICK PITCH:  Aerial Backup uses image processing technology, cutting the time it takes to analyze images taken from Drones, getting straight to the numbers and data analysis.

THE BUSINESS: A subscription based platform allowing our costumers to analyze from 1 image to a complete mapping. They get the pics, we get the data. A normal drone company has big platforms for automated data acquisition and gather tons of images to give to their customers and then the customers need to do the analysis on their own.

THE “AHA” MOMENT: Our company in Mexico did various systems using drones, and whenever doing different systems we always ended up with the same problem… 1,000 photos, or a big image to count plants from, imagine watching a 5 hours video just to determine how many cars were there stuck in the traffic, then we decided we needed to provide a solution that allowed all the drone companies out there to simplify their processes and get the actual data from their data acquisition methods.

HOW DOES IT MAKE MONEY?: On a b2b model, companies pay for their used credits a month on data processing, so they get the images and then upload all the data to our servers, we process the info using computer vision algorithms and get them back the information so they can show it to their costumers.

BUSINESS IT COULD DISRUPT: The Drone industry and the image acquisition industry, today we have cameras everywhere, and most of them are in our cellphones, just now the best use for them is in Drones to obtain information, but imagine the possibilities, big companies grew based on the numbers and words analysis, databases and text mining, imagine doing the same but for Images…

MARKET SIZE: UAV Industry is hitting 6 billion by 2015, the Computer Vision Industry is going to be 30 Billion by 2019.

LIKELY COMPETITORS: Skycatch is doing something alike for the construction industry, some other drones as GoDrone, offer the mapping services.

PARTNERSHIPS AND COLLABORATIONS: Valmie Resources is a Houston based Drone company that uses our software for Drones. DOW Agro is a client that uses our image analysis tools that cuts from 3 weeks to 4 hours the time it takes for them to gather data from large fields. EvoCreations is a Chinese based company that is developing hardware drones for our company to test.

MANAGEMENT TEAM: David Castillo, ICS Drone product manager , CEO . Javier de la Mora , ICS UX, CTO,  Omar Pont , ICS  Drone AI , COO


WHO ARE YOUR ROLE MODELS?: Chris Anderson is a big player on the Drone Industry, DJI is a big company that we always rely when trying our new systems, because they have very trusted, high quality products.

WHAT’S THE BEST THING OF BEING AN ENTREPRENEUR?: The fact of owning your future and deciding on what things you are doing today, trying to understand your costumer and finding value for them is awesome, Its not just selling something for them , is creating a relationship and making your clients feel better about your product and your company. its hard sometimes but at the end its worth it.

WHAT’S THE EBST ADVICE ANYONE HAS EVER GIVEN YOU?: Do it for your costumers and try always to deliver value to them. If you are not succeeding it means you are not trying hard enough.

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO OTHERS?: The pain of failing is nothing compared to the pain of not even trying and regretting.