Intern Spotlight with Caleb Mills

Where are you from?
I was born and raised in the South Bay Area (San Jose) and now live in the East Bay (Berkeley).

What do you aspire to accomplish in the future?
I want to become more involved in any industry that has entrepreneurship at the forefront. Whether that be a startup, VC firm, my own book of business, etc.

How did you hear about Manos Accelerator?
Through my good friend and classmate, Pedro Espinoza. He is the Founder and CEO of SmileyGo and attends UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.

What was your role at Manos?
I did marketing for Manos. This constituted cultivating the website, constructing other platforms like Gust for investors, and helping choose which companies will have the opportunity to pitch to investors.

How has Manos helped you grow personally and professionally?
Manos has taught me terminology, market concepts, and platform structures that have allowed me to execute effectively not only on the job, but also in other business settings.

What did you take away from your experience at Manos?
A love for the Venture Capital industry. There is so much excitement within the industry. Having the opportunity to see new companies with new, innovative ideas, and to be around people (both in the VC realm and entrepreneurs) who are passionate about what they do, is very inspiring and contagious.

How has your internship with Manos prepared you for a future career?
Not only has Manos increased my awareness of the VC industry, but it has also pushed and cultivated my communication and research skills.

What was one thing that you were exposed to at Manos that you would not have experienced anywhere else?
I would not have been able to attend Networking events or conferences with other Angel or Venture Capital investors if it were not for managers allowing me to have the opportunity to attend.

Share a memorable experience at Manos.
Manos allowed me to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Summit at Stanford, where many startups were pitching their companies to the public.

How did you change during your internship from your first day to your last day?
The work that I had to do for Manos taught me the importance of efficiency. Getting the most work done in the least amount of time.

What was your favorite part about being an intern?
The relaxed nature in the office. It provided a healthy space for creativity and productivity.

Describe your relationship with your bosses and the startups?
The bosses are excellent resources within the Venture Capital industry. Not only are they reservoirs of knowledge, but they are very willing to pour out their experiences to benefit others. The startups have all been inspiring people to talk to. Their passion, determination, and perseverance is infectious and stirring at the same time.

Where are you now? What are you doing now? (Just say where you expect to be after Manos)
In this next season I will be working towards leading and cultivating my own book of business in the insurance industry, doing property and casual, and life and health, insurance.